Factory Built Glass Doors

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Glass Doors for Factory Built Fireplaces

Unlimited options to elevate the style of your fireplace

A factory built fireplace often comes with flimsy, basic doors and can have lots of exposed black metal around the opening. Our ZC and Refresh doors & screens are specifically made to work with your factory built fireplace while adding a new level of style. Choose from a wide variety of options including our ZC Deluxe, which upgrades the look of your fireplace by replacing the doors and vents. Our Refresh DV screens add safety and style to your gas fireplace. No matter what type of factory built fireplace you have, we can create the door or screen that will make your fireplace look amazing.

carolina zc 1
Carolina ZC
essex zc 1
Essex ZC
brookfield zc 1
Brookfield ZC
brookfield deluxe zc 1
Brookfield Deluxe ZC
stiletto zc 1
Stiletto ZC
oak tree fb 1
Oak Tree ZC
legend zc 1
Legend ZC
legend deluxe zc 1
Legend Deluxe ZC
refresh dv 1
Refresh DV
refresh dv screens 1
Refresh DV Screens
phoenix zc 1
Phoenix ZC
black rock zc 1
Black Rock ZC
black rock dv 1
Black Rock DV
shadow zc 1
Shadow ZC
odyssey zc 1
Odyssey ZC
moderne original zc 1
Moderne ZC - Original
moderne slim zc 1
Moderne ZC - Slim Frame
moderne dv 1
Moderne DV
madrid zc 1
Madrid ZC
madrid dv 1
Madrid DV
silhouette zc 1
Silhouette ZC
craftsman zc 1
Craftsman ZC
craftsman dv 1
Craftsman DV
all glass zc 1
All Glass ZC
hammered edge zc 1
Hammered Edge ZC
hammered edge dv 1
Hammered Edge DV
banded scroll zc 1
Banded Scroll ZC
corner multi sided fb 1
Corner Multi Sided

Aluminum Finishes

Aluminum Finishes for Fireplace Doors

Steel Finishes

Steel Finishes for Fireplace Doors